How do you know that you’re booking the right people to pull off EXACTLY what you want!? Look at a company with over 30 years of great reviews, happy clients, and a long standing reputation!

DJ JOE LORENZO, owner and founder, is the king over here. He doesn’t like to admit it but we are fortunate to have a true visionary with one mission statement –

A Happy Bride is a Wonderful Thing.

His gift is making people happy, and not just YOU our clients- but also… your GUESTS! Everyone on the planet loves this man because he just has a way… of making people want to dance.





DJ Turntable


DJ Josh has been raised as a DJ since he’s been 16 years old and has that DJ 6th sense. The ability to read a room and know what has to happen to get people going. Not to mention, he has seen EVERYTHING. If there is one thing he knows- it’s how to take ANY situation and turn it into something awesome.


DJ Turntable


Dj Anthony3default


DJ Anthony is our DJ sound hound. He knows how to make a space sound great and has a KILLER set up with his own special back lighting. A fantastic MC and a genuine love of people and his profession.

DJ Turntable

 Delicious Vinyl DJsmall

DJ Andy is just simply… a phenomenal DJ. He can MC like a boss and best of all, his style is… Yours! If you like it, he loves it. He’s anything but a music snob and can get ANYBODY on the floor!